Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

This has been a  kind of crazy weekend for wedding planning.

My mom and I were running around on Friday night, having dinner and just enjoying each others company, and we were heading to Joann's, but there is a David's bridal right next door. Mom suggested we run in for a minute just to see what they have. The actual bridal side didn't really have anything like what I was looking for, but on the bridesmaid/prom side I found a rack of dresses that I really liked. The color I liked best was not on the rack in my size, but they had it in red in my size. Here's the dress in red.

I liked the dress in Latte/ Champagne which looks like this. 

Well I loved how the dress fit, and the fabric, and then we realized it was on sale for $149.00. We could not possibly make a dress for that price. So my mom ordered and paid for the dress. We are going to embellish it a lot, but the dress is gorgeous as is. That skirt is to die for. I am so excited. It is going to look amazing, and my poor mother can stop worrying about sewing the dress, which was giving her major anxiety. Now she will probably just sewing me a shrug, or jacket. I am thinking maybe something crazy like this...

She and my sister also found a dress for Traci to wear as my maid of honor for $15 at Plato's Closet, which is a resale shop for "teens". Then at another store they found a victorian styled jacket to go over it. The pictures are a little fuzzy but you can get the idea. The dress is orange, though it doesn't look it in the pictures, and the jacket is brown. 

The wedding is starting to come together. Yay!! 


Zen Forest said…
Wonderful! And I love the crimson dress and the jacket!! Going to be awesome :p

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