Betsy's Gypsy Dreams

When I was a little girl I would sit on my front porch reading and dreaming that the gypsies would come to take me away. I loved the music, dancing, color and whimsy of the gypsy. Their spirit spoke of freedom that my mid-western soul could not help but envy. I wanted to run away and find my place among those beautiful people.  And as an adult I still do. I love to dress in what I think of a a gypsy style. For my gypsy dreams post I am going to share clothes and accessories with a gypsy flair that I love, want or covet completely.

I hope you can use these inspirations to create your own gypsy look. For added flair make sure your skirt has bells or wear a bell anklet. Bring a little gypsy into the everyday. 



Celia said…
Beautiful!! I LOVE the first skirt! I also love wearing bells and putting bells on anything I can get a hold of....all of my winter scarves have bells on them so I can jingle when I walk! I will have to find myself a bell anklet! Thank you for participating!
Anonymous said…
I love the colorfuloutfits and flowy skirts. And yes - the BELLS.
Danni said…
You know, if I could get away with it, I'd dress like a blooming gypsy every single day! I'm drooling over literally everything you've shared, you've got remarkable taste my dear!
Laura B said…
Ooh, beautiful things! I especially love the rings.:) Thanks for sharing.
I am absolutely addicted to layered gypsy skirts and I looove that first one! Also the boots and the rings! Love all if it. Thank you for the inspiration :)

Plumrose Lane said…
Wow, I love your choices and especially love that you gave links for them too ~ thanks! That first skirt is my absolute fav, can you imagine wearing that, wow!
Jorgelina said…
Happy Gypsy Dreams!
Dragonfly said…
Ooh I love the colourful skirts and that bag is super.

frith and wishes
J x
So many lovely looks and pretties brought together for a dream gypsy.....thanks so much and please do come and visit us at Ye Olde Crone's Gazette. Happy Gypsy Dreams, Oma Linda
Terri said…
Yes, long flowing skirts of bright colors! Your Gypsy post is fab, and I enjoyed my visit.
Penny said…
Thank you for sharing your gypsy fashions and your gypsy dreams

Wow I wish I had all of these! The first skirt is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! Happy Gypsy Dreams!
Elle said…
i love love LOVE the bag! it is something i am really wanting now! it is just beautiful! love this post!!! xoxox

love and hugs
Susan said…
Hey girl, haven't seen you in a while, hope all is well with you and yours!

LOVE all the skirts Betsy, but I could never afford $500 for one, LOL!
lovely post!
Are you planning a Gypsy wedding?
Be well!
Wow..super gorgeous...thanks for such an enchanting many treasures and gems! I have so enjoyed my visit...sparkles and blessings!
Susan said…
BETSY---URGENT! please come back to my blog and repost your answers. I accidentally deleted your comment. :::slapping my self:::
so sorry, Susan
Anonymous said…
I am so sold on the fingerless gloves! If only I could crochet/knit like that!
Carousel Dreams said…
Lovely gypsy inspiration here...those boots are just like mine! I love wearing them - they make me happy. And that purple velvet jacket is to die for!
Anonymous said…
Great pictures, very inspirational !!
Have a magical day.
Birgit said…
Great inspiration! :)

Sweet gypsy dreams,
What lovely inspiration. I often like to dress up in my gypsiest clothes for fun, and I definitely wear my bell anklet!
Anonymous said…
I love it all! Especially the vest and rings. I have a couple of gypsy outfits and I love wearing them. This has inspired me to search out some more. I think I need to go shopping-----

Wishing you magical gypsy dreams!
TheBlakkDuchess said…
I'm so glad you came to dance with me! =D
I'm madly in love with all the gorgeous clothing/accessories you've posted... I think tomorrow I'll dress like a gypsy. ^-^

Wizardess said…
Holy Catfish! Those boots! How I wish they were not lined with goatskin. :(
Michele said…
Hi where can I buy these things especially tge first shirt ??? Xxxx
Shaina said…
I think I can wear this on our halloween party..

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