Country Living Fair 2011

On Saturday my mom and I headed to the Ohio Village, here in Columbus, for the annual Country Living Fair. This is the second year we have been in attendance, and it was just as great this year. I came out with many, many ideas and a couple of awesome finds. Because of the wedding I didn't do as much shopping as I wanted to, but I got some amazing pieces. 

The view from the line. 

The Country Living Booth. 

Right inside the gate was the cutest lemon shake up stand EVER!! 

More of the adorable lemon shake up stand. 

The canopy from the shake up stand.

A gorgeous fall arrangement. 

Fantastic Felted Pillow

How cute is this camper?

Beautiful flower arrangements were everywhere.

A beautiful fall display from a booth specializing in vintage. 

The famous pumpkin/gourd stack. 

Such cute hanging vases. 

A great display of globes and cameras. 

I loved this booths sign...

and their adorable signs. 

I fell in love with this dress form. 

Look at this bunting... Mad Tea Party?? 

curios and lucite bags

cute little wedding whimsical. 

Bird feeders made from silver trays... so cool. 

Great vintage bits and glitter filled salt & pepper  shakers.

This ribbon had a lot of the colors for the wedding.

So many pretty notions. 

Fantastic Tassel Fringe Lampshade... may have to make some of these. 

That hanging light is made of ties!! 

Cuddle Monsters made from recycled sweaters

So much pretty...

Sweet glittery trophies. I want to have a contest to give one to someone. 

Absolutely amazing wooden camper...

Look at the little owl. 

Beautiful display...

These adorable gents were singing some fantastic bluegrass. 

My Purchases:
Vintage Traincase

It's in gorgeous condition...more on it later. 

This is a cake tester... you pull one off each time you need to test a cake. 

Beautiful fall colored hand warmers...they are made from re-purposed sweaters
 and will look amazing under my peacoat. 

It was a great day and a great event.

How was your weekend?


jaz@octoberfarm said…
it's so cool to see your pics from the fair. i hardly saw any of that stuff though i did see the lampshades and thought that i need to make some of them too! i dashed through there so fast i missed a lot i guess! i was there on friday. cute train case!
Knickertwist said…
Wow! So much great stuff there. I adore that pumpkin pile! I wish mine was as big as that :)

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