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So... we went to visit The Gahanna Sanctuary last Thursday. The first thing I noticed was just how amazing the building is. It is a retired Lutheran church that was built in 1895. It was bought by a foundation rather than razed, and turned into a community building.
How gorgeous is that? 

We came in through the back and were met by Christy who is one of the coordinators, who escorted us into the main room/ sanctuary. We were greeted by amazing stained glass windows, an amazing dance floor, soaring ceilings and just beauty. 
The view from the stage in the sanctuary

More of the sanctuary. Look at that dance floor. 

The stained glass... so pretty. 

We wandered around a bit, and after a while realized that we were no longer looking at the space, but we had begun to plan the wedding in the space. Both of us being people who kind of go with our guts, we decided that this was where we wanted our wedding to be, so we put down the deposit and signed the contract. So officially...

Seth and Betsy will be married on Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the Olde Gahanna Sanctuary in Gahanna, Ohio.  

This thing is getting real people. Yikes. Now to step up my crafting and work outs to prepare. :) 

So much more to come. 


Wulf said…
What a beautiful space. I'm not surprised you decided on it right away. What are the chances you'd find anything nicer? And October 6th is the day before my birthday, which seems very auspicious!
AlphaBetsy said…
That does seem auspicious. :) It really is an amazing space. I can't wait until next October.
Knickertwist said…
Hurrah! It's gorgeous :)
K.Michele said…
Love it! Grats on finding a place you love!

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