Tying-the-knot Tuesdays

First let me go a bit off topic and say thank you for all the positive comments on my Practical Magic blog. I had so much fun putting it together and your words are well appreciated. Also a big welcome to all new followers. I'm so glad you are here and I can't wait to get to know you.

If you are new I will just briefly let you know that my fiance, Seth and I will be getting married on October 6, 2012, and rather than let my blog become all wedding all the time I have set aside Tuesdays for all things wedding.

We are really getting into the swing of wedding planning and plotting. I think we have found the caterer we are going to use. They run $7.50 a person, which is a ridiculously good price, and since we know someone else who used them for their wedding and loved the food. The only down side to them is that they only provide styrofoam plates and plastic utensils, which I think is a little too family reunion for a wedding. I have some plans though to get around that. One thought is to buy mismatched plates and such at thrift stores or my mother suggested today buying dishes at the dollar store. Since we are inviting 125 people, even if we pay $1 per plate that is still only $125. And with some of the prices for other caterers it would still be more cost effective in the end. I really like the idea of mismatched plates and silverware, because it appeals to my sense of quirk and whimsy.

I was talking to my mom today and she is getting nervous about sewing my dress. She is afraid she will mess it up somehow. I told her that to make it easier and provide her some relief we will make a muslin mock up of the dress first to see how it fits and make sure we like it, and then make the actual dress. She seemed relieved. I would like her to make my dress but only as long as she enjoys doing it. If it is going to make her nervous, then we will find something else.  The really good news though is that I have lost enough weight to be in the size zone of my dress pattern. Yay. The high end of the zone, but still in the zone. I'm still working, but man is that a relief.

More soon. :)


Wulf said…
Of course sewing your dress will make your mom kind of crazy. Don't we all get just a bit stressed when we're sewing things for special events?!

If you haven't already, it's worth checking into renting dishes and cutlery. It might be no more expensive than buying mis-matched second-hand, and a lot less work. I know people who rent dishes for their dinner parties just so they don't have to wash up afterwards! And I agree about foam plates and plastic cutlery - not only too trailer-trash-picnic, but environmentally ugly as well.

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