The small country fair...

On Sunday Seth and I went down to South Vienna where his Grandma lives to visit her and to celebrate our niece, Moira's birthday (her party was on Saturday and I managed not to get any pictures), and ended up visiting the South Vienna Corn Festival. This is just a little local town fair, which made it fun. The food was amazing... fresh sweet corn, inch thick grilled pork chops, homemade chicken and noodles and apple dumplings that we almost as good as the ones Seth's grandma makes. I had a giant ear of corn, a steakburger with mushrooms and onions and an apple dumpling of course. So good... seriously. Then we walked around a bit to get some pictures of the rides and such. Some of the rides were older looking and therefore charming. After that we went to browse some of the craft tents. We ended up buying an amazing hand crafted wooden chest of drawers for $30. It's pretty good sized and a high quality piece so I feel like we got a good deal. We also bought some local honey from a farm stand. It was just a nice unexpected day. :)

Angry Birds Game

How cute are the firetrucks? 

Merry -go- round

Moira, the birthday girl, is a Tiger... or a kitty. 

Awesome chest of drawers

Look how sturdy this thing is. 



K.Michele said…
Looks like you had tons of fun. I love the small town fairs.
Magaly Guerrero said…
I miss small country fairs....

Your finds are precious (Yum honey!), the chest looks steady and very useful indeed, and Moira is adorable!
Those rides are timeless. I love country fairs. :)

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