Tying-the-knot Tuesday

We have plans to go see a couple of possible venues this week. On Thursday we are going to go tour the Gahanna Sanctuary. And on Saturday, after our niece's 3rd birthday party, we are going to tour the Makoy Center. The Sanctuary is relatively inexpensive and spacious, and will allow for any licensed caterers. The Makoy has a couple of options for size and they will cater and provide bar services, which is a big sell. I will let you know what we thought.

In other news we found a top hat for Seth on Sunday while we were at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

This is a leather top hat from The Blonde Swan. Does that name sound familiar? It should. Remember my beautiful hat that was purchased at Origins in May. 

Why do self portraits always make me look like a giant nose? Oh well the hat is pretty.
It is also a Blonde Swan, so officially there will be two fine leather hats in our wedding. :) 

I also bought myself a paper cutter last week, because all those paper chains and scissors sounds like carpal tunnel just waiting to happen, ouch. 

More to come...


ohhh Betsy!! how exciting! girly you gotta take pictures of the venues! you cannot leave us here floating! lol

I hope you find the best place. We ended up marrying in las Vegas.. but we still have pending the family thing' wedding. hehe

Nice hat for your husband-to-be :)
Anonymous said…
Seth is fucking ADORABLE.
Yay Betsy what a fun spirited post..LOVE those hats...I am a hat fanatic....they are gorgeous..lucky! Wishing you a magical wedding..
AlphaBetsy said…
I definitely think he's a keeper...lol. Thanks for the complements. We are having so much fun getting this together.

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