Ohio Renaissance Festival 2011 - First Trip

I somehow managed not to get a single photo of myself, or any of the rest of us in garb which makes me sad. When all was said and done this week I had repaired one skirt, turned a chemise into a skirt, altered an old chemise, altered Seth's pants and tunic and made a tunic for my nephew in about an hour. Not bad at all. I will have to check with my sister to see if she got any pics of the finished products.My nephew had only been to Faire once before and he was too young to remember anything, but he had a blast with us. HE wants full garb for his next visit and even bought himself a long belt to hand things from. Huzzah to recruiting another rennie. :)

This year there were a couple of new acts. Carnivale...which is a sword duo, very cute though the wet stage was causing no end of troubles. Cast in Bronze... which is a travelling Carillon of bells, we bought two of the cds because this was amazing. If you get a chance, ever, check it out. It blew me away.

It rained for a bit which made it hard to take picture, but I got a lot of good ones, and will get more on the next trip down. For now though, enjoy...




The Queen stopped to watch the show.

The Mudatorium!!

Crusty Carbunkle of the Mud Beggars

Jake, Willy and Crusty... Theatre in the Ground

Jake the Wyld Man as Grendel

Willy as the king and Crusty as Beowulf. 

Grendel getting ready to mud Beowulf

Cast in Bronze

Look at the bizarre keys. 

The musician is masked because traditionally you never see the player of a Carillon. 

Cast in Bronze

Father, Son and Friends

Father, Son and Friends

Father, Son and Friends

Laylia of the Naughty Navels

Aerianna of the Naughty Navels

Balancing four cups and getting ready to take it to the ground. 

Laylia on the floor still balancing 4 cups of beer on a tray on her head.

Rolling over... still balancing.

Still balancing...

Back on her feet and not one drop spilled, Huzzah. 

Had a great time. Made a couple of purchases. I got a beautiful leather piece to hold my pins and faire favors, a pair of super cute silver bee earrings to keep in my top hole, this years festival pilsners, and I bought a leather top hat for Seth which will be for our wedding. I will get photos of these and post soon. 



Rue said…
Looks like a ton of fun! Too bad about the rain but it doesn't look like anyone had damp spirits!
Zen Forest said…
Ah, lovely photos! I was at the Ohio Faire this past saturday and really loved the carillon-playing of Cast in Bronze. I'll be posting photos soon, too.
Happy to find your blog, overall :)

Cheers! ∞
AlphaBetsy said…
There were definitely no damp spirits! Thanks for coming by Zen. I will look out for your photos too. :)

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