I was featured on a blog.

Happy Wednesday. We're halfway there!! 

I just wanted to pop in to brag a bit that I was featured today on my friend Berol's blog Blossom Tree Valley for her Wednesday Wonderfulness post. She wrote such a nice piece about my little space in the blogosphere. She's a total sweetie and even though for some reason blogger will not allow her to comment on my blog she just sends me little email comments. How amazing is that. So if you get a chance stop by to say hello and check out her Animal Mondays which always make me happy. Especially the one about her mantids. Awesome. 


Yay Congrats!! I will check out your friends blog!
Have a magical day my friend..and thankyou for your sparkling visits!!
I don't blame you for boasting, it's lovely that bloggers can be so complimentary and supportive of each other.

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