A Witches Tea Party (or how to start a yearly tradition) Day 1

A Witches Tea

Once upon a Saturday, so near to Halloween
Some witches came over to play, and to have a witches tea. 

The table was set for a holiday with yummy treats and cups to spare

Spiders, skulls and spooky things were present everywhere

A bouquet of autumn flowers were a lovely sight to see

And my eyes delighted at the sight of the treats in store for me.

The mantle was all decked out in it's spookiest best

And the sideboard was so scary it would impress the witch of the west
The guests began arriving and who would we first see

Witch Sarah, my future mother-in-law in her witchiest toggery

Glenda (Jamie) and Witch Martha made a very Oz-y pair

Witch Niki's beautiful green hat was the envy of everyone there

Endora (Mom) was in attendance, with no Samantha in tow.

And Shmoo came dressed as a Marvel character I didn't even know. 

Double, Double this looks like trouble made of sisters three
Mom, Cathy and Anniebob enjoy the revelry

Witches in Training became friends fast Miss Moira and Miss Kynnadey

And who is this? Why I of course Witch AlphaBetsy

Crescent moons for chicken salad and little sandwiches

Cupcakes taunt beside fruits and vegetables for dieting witches

With all introduced and the table laid to begin our jubilee

Please grab a plate and sit a Spell and have a cup tea!! 

Thank you for stopping by day one of my Witches Tea Party. Please stop by tomorrow for more Halloween party goodness. And don't forget to click the link below to go visit some of the other beautiful blogs. 

Frosted Petunias

Happy Halloween 
Blessed Samhain!! 


Danni said…
This is beautiful, Betsy! And how lucky are you to be able to get such a great group of wicked women together for tea? :)
Andréann said…
That was real fun to see! And everything looked so yummy. I wish I was that lucky to have people to share a great tea with!
Dee said…
Awesome party! Once again I wish I could be in attendance!
Celia said…
What a wonderful tea party!!! How fantastic that you have so many witchy friends to have a tea with!
Anonymous said…
What a fun party. It's so nice to have friends that love to join in the fun. Great choice of songs-especially Thriller!

Happy Halloween!
Lisa said…
OOOOH, I wish I had been there because it all looks awesome. I did enjoy visiting in a virtual kind of way! Hope you can stop by my tea party for some enchanted sweets.
victoriantailor said…
Oh, very good, love the graphics on your blogg too! Stop by for tea,
Victoria said…
Yay! What a dazzling affair..such a beautiful post..full of magic and fantastic imagery and delights..everything looks fab my friend!! Hooray!
im zoe said…
What a fun time, such a lovely post! happy withches tea party.

Zoe x
im zoe said…
What a fun time, such a lovely post! happy withches tea party.

Zoe x
Linda said…
I had a great time aat your Tea Party...The other guests were so very friendly. Your table was set so nicely and the sweet treats were awesome. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:
wickedfaerie said…
What a great party I have had a wonderful time. Love those Halloween Taco Chips. Stop by for some tea and treats.

Happy Halloween & Blessings and Bliss,
debi huntsman said…
What a delicious tea party! Everything looks so beautiful, and yummy!
Victoria said…
Everything was delicious! Loved your decorations and seeing all the pictures of your guests.


Victoria from Brushstrokes
Oh that was so much fun and I wish I could have really been there! Thank you so much for the invite to your tea party! Have a beautiful evening and please stop by to visit mine too!
JoAnne said…
What a great party! Happy Halloween!
Oh my goodness....you had the real deal and all the love that goes with it. Just beautiful, so fun, smiley faces, great looking treats. I'd say you have the bestest tea of all. Oma Linda
Magaly Guerrero said…
I LOVE your curls, and the dark lipstick, and don't ask me why, but I thought the teabag was a tamale LOL

What a beautiful display. How wonderful it must have been to have a bunch of friends over. I'm hoping to do something similar next year, but for now I'll enjoy yours!

Happy All Hallow's Eve!
Toriz said…
Great party! :)
Susan said…
OOOH, Betsy, this was a WONDERFUL party! I love your rhyming, your home , decor and yummies. best by far were the pics of you and all your wonderful witchy guests! Thanks so much for the invite. I hope you get over to see mine (I have 3 giveaways).

Anonymous said…
Lovely decor. On a totally unrelated note... our living rooms are the same colour!!!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Oh my goodness!!! You girls look fabulous!!! What a great tea party!

Happy Weekend!!

Incipient Wings said…
everything looked so yummy!
how nice to have your family there.

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