Get off your Broom update

My check in: This week I worked really hard to try to make up for last weekend and all the craziness that involved, so when I weighed myself on Friday morning I had taken off almost all the weight that I put on.  But then I went to another big Halloween party on Saturday and it all went to hell again. The adult trick or treating was a blast though. And I did dance for 2 hours straight, so I feel like I made up for some of the naughty.  I guess we will see on Saturday, which is my weekly weigh in day, how bad I really was. 

Me stomping some Barbies at Monsterbash
on Satuday... take that ridiculous standards. 

This morning I tried a new workout video I bought ( Biggest Loser - Cardio Max) and it kicked my butt. Wow. I am stiff tonight. Bob sucks. Lol. 

My Week 3 Stats
Weight 204.7 (at official weekly weigh in)
Chest 44
Waist 39
Hips 43

And I am adding in...
Right Thigh 23
Right Arm 14.5

Part 1: How balanced is your diet? Are you eating healthy, wholesome natural foods or are you simply eating less crap than before? 
Well, I am definitely eating less crap, but with the weight watchers I am also eating more balanced. Although of late I have been seriously slacking on the fruits and veggies front. I need to get back on the ball with that. I'm still eating a lot of them, just not as many as I am supposed to. 

Part 2: In the previous post, I wrote about how I've been struggling to make this fitness challenge more "witchy." If we do do things witchy all the time like Magaly says, then making a fitness challenge more witchy shouldn't be hard, right? What can you do to combine your spirituality and practice with your diet and fitness regimen?
I have been taking on Yoga to calm my mind a little and hopefully improve my meditation. Also just having more energy is making my practice better. I have done weight loss/ health spells and rituals in the past. Personally I am thinking about pulling back out Sexy Witch by LaSara FireFox, which is a book to help you love your body, all aspects of it, and challenges your views on sexuality. I have started it before but was so uncomfortable with my body that I put it down very quickly. I think it is time to pick it up again.  I will keep you all updated on how that goes for me. 


Diandra said…
Great costume!

I also do recommend "The body sacred" by Dianne Sylvan as nice reading concerning self-love and witchcraft - I think she was Wiccan at that time, but it didn't bother me while reading. ^^
Sandi said…
I have been doing really well sticking to my exercise routine and eating program. Can you tell I do everything I can NOT to call it a diet!?!? If I call it that it makes me hungry. lol Good job taking off the weight you put on. I can't wait until I do too. lol
like the air said…
Good luck at your weigh in! I've done weight watchers in the past and had very good results. Its time for me to go back. Was in Salem for the weekend and knew I couldn't start a diet then! So this week I am hoping to "push" myself and start!
Dee said…
Congrats on your good work!! I agree with you, about Sexy Witch. Until I learn how to love myself (all of it) I won't be satisfied with any number on the scale. But I am slowly working that way!

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