Countdown to Halloween

I have a crazy whirlwind of a weekend ahead. I have two, that's right two, Halloween parties at my house tomorrow. I did this to myself, so I won't complain too much, but I may have overextended myself a bit this time. Eek. The first party is a Witches Tea for the ladies of Seth's and My family. So far we have confirmed 8 ladies, but I have the feeling more will show up having not RSVPed, sigh. Later in the night will be the large friends gathering, adults only. This one has 15 confirmed and again probably more than that will actually show up. I will post pictures of the ensuing craziness, but for now will leave you for now with some of the gorgeous Halloween things I have found and added to my pinterest.


Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest

Source: via Betsy on Pinterest


Diandra said…
Enjoy your parties!
wickedfaerie said…
Have fun, love the bloomers!

Blessings & Bliss
Dee said…
I'm sure you're worried now, but as soon as it all starts you'll forget and start having blast! Oh and how I wish I was attending your Witches Tea!!


Yay!! Thats sounds like smashing fun and so fabulous..wish I could come too..then that would be one more ha ha!! on kindred!

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