A Faire Affair...

Saturday Seth and I headed down to the Ohio Renaissance Festival once again. This is what that looked like.
Seth starting the day.

Me at the start of the day. 

Seth shows off a heavy toy... Solid steel Thor's Hammer. 

Getting a tribal bat Henna tattoo. 

Her yarn dreads were amazing. 

The mayor (my friend Chuck) leads the parade.

The village peasants.

These ladies are getting a wild ride. 


The Naughty Navels on parade. 

The merchant class and nobility

More nobility

God Save the Queen!! 

A gorgeous faery costume in the pub. 

Seth biting off more than he can chew

The Wenches a Wailing calling for a toast

The Wenches a Wailing

More of the Wenches

Amazing Satyr costume

Those legs were amazing

Me after several hours at faire. Add my henna, a rose in my bodice and a brand new skirt. 
We had a great time again. This is unfortunately going to be our final weekend down, as we are having our Halloween party next weekend which is the closing weekend. It was a great season though. 


Magaly Guerrero said…
I am sooo jealous! What a treat. And a Halloween party after? Oh my, oh my ;-)
resewn sally said…
That looked like amazing fun!! And I *Love* your skirts! New and old. Beautiful!
LuLu Kellogg said…
This looked like so much fun!!! Seth was looking quite dapper and you looked BEAUTIFUL! That skirt is amazing!

Knickertwist said…
Looks like a grand time!
Celia said…
Ooooooooo!!! I am going to my very first Ren Faire in 2 weeks!! I am traveling to Charlotte, NC to go with my sister and my niece! I can't wait....I will share pictures on my blog!

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