Get off your Broom update and Tying-the-knot Tuesday...again.

I did not intend to keep combining these two topics, but apparently that is how it is working again this week. Next week I will try to separate these out because they really aren't very related, but for now it will work.

Get off your Broom. 

This was a particularly hard week for me. I did well with work-outs Monday thru Thursday, but then I had Friday off, so I did not take the time to work out. I did a lot of cleaning though, and more cleaning, and more cleaning. And then on Saturday I had two separate Halloween parties at my house. The first was a witches tea for the ladies of our families. I had a really good turn out, and lots of amazing foods, which is where things got dangerous. After a couple of hours of tea and snacking the ladies left and we began to reconfigure the house for our adult party. Also a great turn out, but even more food, and worse snack foods. Couple this with alcohol and coming down from the stress of getting the house together and I went down hill badly, sigh. I also got a stress caused canker sore. *shakes head* So this week I am trying to get back on track. I have another huge Halloween party this weekend, but I am going to try to keep myself moderated a little better.

On a good note I looked incredible in my costume. I did something a little short and very fitted for the first time in many years and I totally rocked it. Stay tuned for photos from the parties over the next couple of weeks.

Weight: 208 - 3 pound gain...ouch
Bust: 44 - yep that's an inch loss.
Waist: 39
Hips: 43

Week three challenge questions: Why do we have a sudden craving for something sweet or salty that just seems to come out of the middle of nowhere? Should we give in to these cravings or suffer through them?
I have no idea where cravings come from really, though generally if I am having a severe craving for something it is because my body is lacking something and is telling me I need it. Whether I give in to the cravings depends on what it is I am craving and where I am and what time it is. If it is 11 pm I will not give in no matter what. But if I am craving chocolate I have a little chocolate. 

Tying-the-knot Tuesday
With Halloween we are not working much on the wedding right now. Starting in November I am going to start on my bouquet and such. :) We are also trying to finalize the catering decision and get the deposit down for that. 


Queenie Believe said…
You are so so brave to post your stats!! Stay the course you will do great.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

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