It's October Finally, Witchy Fitness and A Winner!!!

It's officially October!!! Huzzah and Hurray!! The Halloween madness has already begun for me. So far I have one swap mailing out tomorrow, and two more that I am working on. I have been hired by a friend of mine to make him a cape. I am holding two separate Halloween parties. And attending a couple more. I need to get my costume together and accessorized. All while going to school and working full time. My plate is full and I could not be happier. This is my favorite time of year. Divine craziness at it's best.

I have also decided to join The Domestic Witch in her Get Off Your Broom: A Witchy Fitness Challenge
I am still working toward my weight goal and thought this would be a great and fun way to keep myself encouraged and hold myself accountable.

Our fearless leader gave us some mini goals for the week and so without further ado.
Goal 1: A picture of you ( before picture).

Goal 2: Weight: 204.5      Bust: 45       Waist: 39          Hips: 43
            My Goals: My first goal and one I have been working on is to reach one-derland, under 200 pounds, by Samhain. I think this is definitely achievable if I keep working like I worked this week. My second goal will be to have lost at least 5 more pounds by Thanksgiving. My third goal to lose 5 more by Yule. And ultimately to be wearing a size 14 by the new year. I am currently sitting in a full 16, so I think these are all very reachable goals.

Goal 3: My Plan: This past week I started getting up an hour early to exercise before work due to my school schedule. Since this is working well I will continue. I will press forward with weight watchers while adding more vegetables to my diet.

I will be updating regularly on my progress and how things are going, as well as on observations and maybe even what my favorite workout DVD's are. Stay tuned.
Now for the part that everyone has been waiting for. The announcement of the winner of my Practical Magic giveaway.

And the Winner as decided by random number generator is...

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Dragonfly said...

Wonderful post, I love your giveaway the box and it's contents are fabulous.

I so agree with you about the aunts, I too come from a long line of strong minded and independent women (some may say awkward women LOL) I think the aunts are good role models to have, after all who wants to be normal.

J x

Congrats Dragonfly!! Please send me an email with you mailing address to spazgirl1981 at gmail dot com, so I can get everything out in the mail to you. 
Thank you again to everyone who stopped by and who entered to win. Keep your eyes posted for another giveaway soon!! 


Ember the Muse said…
Woo hoo, I'm not the only one who posted my pic... I"m totally excited about this... Good Luck.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Now I have to post my pic, if you and Ember (what pretty name) posted yours. I took one after I came back from running today. I might have photographed my big toe too lol.

I like that you set up realistic goals, that is my intention too.

Off to write my goals post! You can do it ALL NIGHT LONG!

Oh, and congrats Dragonfly ;-)
Having been on WW before I think you are an under-achiever! Hahaha You have set your goals really low and I KNOW you will be amazed at where you are at by YULE! I would say... size 10 or 8 not 14 but I am just going by they fact that you are up an hour early every day to work out and you are now on the WW plan! You can do it and I cannot wait to see your results!
Anonymous said…
Staying busy and on the go will definitely help with the losing weight.
Anonymous said…
Good luck girl!
greekwitch said…
Lets have 3 blessed months. Your goals and your schedule are fantastic.Good luck.
Bird said…
Hi Betsy,
I've not posted my pic yet. I'm nervous to have my face online let alone my body. LOL!!! I have to get the courage to do so.... from the neck down anyway. Oh my gosh... scary for me to do. I didn't post my measurements, either. Oh dear. Next week. There's always next week.

Your life is hopping right now with all the parties, making your costume and going to school and working... oh my gosh, I would never be able to keep up, but you seem to love it and thrive on it. I hope you have the most magically wonderful October.

Bright blessings,
Polly said…
I would have guessed, from your picture, that your measurements and weight are much less than you had posted. I've (reluctantly) joined the Get Off Your Broom fitness activity too. Wishing much success to all participants (especially me, LOL) though I have yet to post my pic...mostly because of my face - I have Graves Eye Disease that makes my eyes look really funky AND sometime in the last 44 years my lips seemed to have disappeared so when I smile I look like Grover of Sesame Street LOL.
Dragonfly said…
Oh wow, I'm so happy to have won your beautiful box and it's goodies, thanks so much, been having a rough few days and it's really cheered me up, I'll go and send you and email.

Good luck with your off the broomstick challenge.

I've got a decorated matchbox giveaway draw open till sunday on my crafting blog if you'd like to enter.

J x
Misty said…
Hope you meet all your goal!! Good luck and blessings to you! I will be keeping up with your progress!

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