Halloween Party with A Fanciful Twist - 2011

I decided once again this year to join Vanessa from A Fanciful Twist in a Halloween Party in blogland. This year though I decided to have an actual Halloween party and post the photos from that. So welcome to my party. Grab a butterbeer ( Killian's Irish red with a shot of butterscotch shnapps) and enjoy.

Welcome to our home. 

A barrage of bats on our stairway wall. 

Your illustrious host. I'm a saloon girl. Could you tell? 

The back of me. 

Charlene (Goddess), Chelsea and Rachel (Bee) watch me give Bobbi and tarot reading. 

Amanda, Mike and Chris...just hanging out. 

Charlene and Rachel still watching me do readings... I did a lot of them. 

Andrew and Amanda haunting the food tables. 

Look at me giving readings. 

Our pumpkin chunking platform. Essentially we attack pumpkins with weapons. 

Seth lining up a pumpkin for destruction. 

Wow... those are some dead pumpkins. 

Axes and weaponry that succumbed to the chunkin'

My little sister was a ninja turtle... how cute is that?  

Haley... who was Nancy, but Sid never showed. :( 

Want me to cut you a piece? 
I hope you enjoyed a look inside our party. Be on the lookout for more Halloween photos next week . For more fun click the link below to visit A Fanciful Twist and find more party fun. 


Magaly Guerrero said…
I love everything from the "weaponry that succumbed to the chunkin'" to the turtle, the bee and the lovely back of you shot.

What fun!

Happy Fanciful Twist of a Halloween party!
Linda said…
I had a great time at your party. I had fun meeting the other guests and enjoyed looking at their costumes. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:
Maggie said…
Yummy butterbeer! What fun smashing pumpkins with a weapon of choice! Looks like an amazing party, thanks for sharing the fun.
Oh it looks like you all had so much fun! :) I loved the costumes!!!! :) Thanks for inviting us to join you! :)
Elle said…
wonderful fun! love all the pics!!


Alisa Noble said…
How fun that you had a real party!
Happy Halloween
bertie said…
Ok...you get the prize for best party girl! I loved your post and it looked like you were all having a ball! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my party..I think a black and white tree is a fantastic idea! I have a tree up all year round decorated for something or another...this Halloween tree is just one of 3 that I have in my house. The others are black trees and I will be showing them at the Witches Tea Party with Frosted Petunias at the end of this month, so check back! Brightest Blessings, bertie
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the wonderful party. I had a great time and it looks like you and all your friends did too ; )
Have a magical day.
Linda said…
What a wonderful party! still chuckling about the chunkin weaponry!
WHat a blast!! Loved all of the costumes. Your green walls are divine!!

The pumpkin chunking? A HOOT!

What a blast! Oh and, your little sister as a ninja turtle, beyond adorable!!

Thank you for inviting us into your fab party Betsy!!

♥ Vanessa (A Fanciful Twist)
Lisa said…
what a wicked good time!! very cool party!
thanks for having me
lisa by the bay
Sylvia Smiser said…
What a great costume and I love the color on your walls!
I had a great time! Thank you for having me.
I do hope you will visit my Halloween party!
Happy Halloween!
Donna Patrice said…
What fun! I have got to try me some butterbeer...

Enjoy the rest of the party!

Cameron said…
Oh, the carnage! Pumpkin guts everywhere...haha!

What a fun party! I'll take my tarot reading now...haha!

Thanks so much for inviting me :D
Magic Gypsy said…
This looks like a fun party - from the great costumes to the pumpkin slaughter! I love your green walls!
Your party was so sweet and the guests were just extra-sweet!

Please visit me at my Tea Party at The Tearoom:

Ms Misantropia said…
That looks like a crazy and fun party! Loved the pumpkin-killin'-table :) and your dress - and the color of your kitchen walls!
rachelsmith133 said…
What a fab party, you guys looked like you were having a great time. Really tempted to do some pumpkin chunking myself now. :-)

Oh and I loved the bats going up the wall, you have a great house.

rachelsmith133 said…
Ps I just read the post below this one about your "Get Off Your Broom" challenge and your right, you totally rocked your costume. :-)
Milady Leela said…
Nice Party Betsy,
seems like we were on the same telepathic wave with the costume theme♥
Much Love,
Enchanting Costumes & Party.
Please fly by my party when you can...
Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Halloween Party:
Jennifer said…
Wonderful costume and party! Thanks for having it. I enjoyed myself quite a lot thank you very much hehe!

Happy Halloween!
Mad Madam Mel said…
looks like you all had great fun at your party :)
Sorry it is taking me so long to get round all the parties,
why not hop over for a spooky tale at my place :
the more the merrier :)
Wendy said…
Thanks for a wonderful party. I love your Tarot Reading sign. How spooky awesome, and The Pumpkin Chunkin with weapons was Soooooo Great.
Everybody looked wonderful.
Please drop by for a Cup or two of Mad Halloween Tea, we would love to have you visit us for a Wonderland Party
Spells and Wishes
Wendy from Wonderland
I really need to try that whole attacking pumpkins with weapons thing, it looks super fun! Great party!
Renee said…
Very fun party. Looks like you all had fun smashing pumpkins;)

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