The Aftermath and The Anniversary

The relay for life was this past weekend. It was so much fun. The Wench Team raised approx $1800, and the whole relay event raised over $42,500.00 for the American Cancer Society. I will have to post pictures as I get them because I didn't manage to take any at all. Way to go Betsy. I am going to steal them from others as they get posted. But among the fun was vertical apple bobbing, stuff that glows, lot's of garb, dancing crazy, Sarah's first energy drink and much much more. I'm already planning and plotting for next years relay. I am going to sell jewelry to raise funds, and Seth may sell some chain mail. Lots of planning and plotting. A big thanks to Pete, Sarah, Jean, Donna, Mom, Shmoo, Seth, Travis, Jean's mother and father and everyone else involved. Another amazing year. :)

Tomorrow is Seth and I's 3 year anniversary. I am going to make him a 52 things I love about you book using a deck of cards. I will post pictures tomorrow. He has to work his usual shift so we won't actually be celebrating until the weekend. We decided we would just take a weekend off. No plans at all, just the two of us at the house. I am definitely looking forward to it. It so weird though, it seems like it was just yesterday that we had our first date and now we own a house...craziness.


Zombie Queen said…
Congrats on the relay and the anniversary! Oh, how time flies!

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