Happy Day After Beltane

Had such a great Beltane. It started a little differently than I had expected. We ended up running a bit late because we had to bandage my heels which I had ripped to shreds with a new pair of shoes on Friday. So we went straight from home to lunch with my friend Wendi at Adriatico's Pizza on Campus. Such fantastic pizza...yum. I'm glad Wendi suggested it. Then the three of us walked over to Mirror Lake for the Renaissance Faire.

The first thing was it is much bigger than I would have thought. And for a free festival it was really really nice. It was really fun because Wendi had never been to a Faire before. A lot of the vendors who were at the Ashville Viking Festival were also at this faire. We walked around the upper circuit and when we came around the far side we ran into our friends Mike and Belinda and their awesome dog Oberon, Obie for short. When we left them we walked a little further and I saw what looked like a group of Wenches. So I approached and that's exactly what it was, they were mustering to walk.

And that is how I got to do my first wench walk. We wenched several gentlemen while walking and covered their faces with Wench Pox (lipstick kiss marks). We also got our picture taken with the president of the university Gordon Gee. :) Here is a picture of several of us just after the walk. I am on the far left in all the green.

The ladies were amazing and made it such a great experience. I think Seth and I are going to plan a trip to Michigan Ren Fest in fall so I can play with more wenches!! I'm so excited. I think that some of the other ohio wenches are actually going to plan to go up at the same time and make it an invasion!! A lot to look forward to.

While we were at the faire I found a vendor selling beautiful glass pendants and bought myself a gorgeous triquetra. After we got home we drank some mead and I performed a small personal ritual, just giving thanks and embracing the season. I think I felt the power of Beltane this year more than in years past. Maybe it was that I just had such a great full day, or maybe I was just more receptive this year but it was definitely there.

Today we are having friends over to play rock band and just hang out, which sounds great for a rainy Sunday.


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