jars, herbs, 45's whimsies and chain mail...oh my.

I had a great weekend with my mother. We went to a couple of antique/crafty stores on Saturday. I got some great ideas, as well as found an amazing antique store that had antique keys, wooden spools, cigar boxes, and a lot of other amazing things. I am definitely going to have to remember it for the next Jar of Whimsies swap (which should be soon, w00t.) On Sunday we went to a couple of garage sales where mom and I got some awesome vintage jars, which I am going to use to organize my craft room. I also got an old 45 case with 45's for $5!! I had been looking for one but they were always $20+, so I feel like I got a deal. Beyond that we just had a good time running about and laughing a lot.

I get to see my mom and sister again this coming weekend because we are doing the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. We are walking with some of my sister Wenches in West Chester Ohio. This will be the second year for me and technically Seth, though he wasn't officially a team member last year. It's really fun and a great cause. This is a picture of our team campsite from last year!!

And now I am going to show off!! For Seth. Seth started to do chain mail about two weeks ago after we went to the Ashville Viking Festival. He bought a kit to make a pouch and had the pouch completed in 5 days. Well he decided he needed to buy more rings and attempt more things...like jewelry. Well today he finished a bracelet for me, which he said took about 2 hours total to make. He also wove it onto my wrist. :) Here it is.

Oh, and if you would like to help me and my team reach our goals please donate at my site:


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