Thoughts on Mother's Day...

I am going to my hometown of Newark for the weekend to spend some time with my mom. She and I have always been really close and it is hard living as far apart as we are (and that's only about an hour.) Mom, Shmoo and I are very much the three musketeers, even in spite of the distance between us. In fact the three of us even have matching tattoos.

It's a cricket wearing a sailor hat with an anchor tattoo on it's flexed from leg. The different elements represent both my grandmother and grandfather.
And the tattoo may have saved my mom's life. Because of it she discovered a lump in her breast which ended up being cancerous, but she found it early enough that it had not spread beyond the lump. She has been in treatment since, but I often think how amazingly lucky those crickets were that they saved my mom.


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