Sleep Interrupted.

For the past year at least I have been having these incredibly vivid, active and exhausting dreams. It's not quite nightly, but several nights a week and every time I wake up I feel like I spent all night running. And sometimes I did.

The main themes of the dreams are mazes and being chased by unknown entities. The locations change almost every time. Recently my long deceased grandparents have begun appearing as well. I am absolutely aware that my subconscious  is trying to tell me something. I just have no clue what it is.

A few months ago my subconscious got sick of trying to get through to me which led to me having a dream that I was a personal assistant for a vampire. He decided that he wanted to move to Philly and was getting mad at me because I was dragging my feet at telling Seth that we were going to have to move. Finally the vampire just looked at me and said " You're resistant to change". That's subtle.

I think it's time I did a little divination to see if I can figure out what is off balance in my mind and start fixing it. I know I am out of balance, because I can't decide what career path I want to take. I had all the money in the world I know what I would do, so how can I do it anyway? What will it take to make that dream come true? I think it's time to stop worrying and start moving.


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