Something always has to come along...

And screw everything up. I found out today that the package that contained all the jewelry from the party I had, plus all my personal jewelry I got for hosting the party and such, was stolen from my front porch on Thursday. I didn't even realize it was shipped so I didn't know it was missing until Sunday. It turns out it was left on the porch by UPS on Thursday at 3:12 and by the time I got home at 6:30 it was gone. I am so embarrassed because we bought a home in a reinvestment area (which we knew was a little rough, but is coming up little by little) and I have defended the neighborhood and the area to everyone who had something bad to say about it and now they just proved everyone else right. I just don't know what to do. A woman across the street said she watched the package get taken, which begs the question why didn't she call the police or say something to Seth or I about it, but in any case she will tell the police what she saw, so that's something. But one of our neighbors has a family member involved and I just know this is going to get messy. I'm still going to report it though because the items that were stolen were worth quite a lot of money. I'm also angry at the jewelry company because they shipped over a thousand dollars worth of jewelry and didn't require a signature to take the package they just left it on the porch. I had to sign for $16 roller skate wheels once, but not for this? Hmm... not very logical.
I'm trying to get calmed down but I am just so angry and hurt. Then to make matters worse the consultant for the company is basically insinuating that I will have to reimburse all my sales out of pocket. I certainly don't have that kind of money. I just don't know what to do. Really I want to go out on my front porch and scream like a banshee, but I know that won't help anything. Might get me shot, but won't help anything. I'm just sick about it.

*update* I decided to call the actual jewelry company and since I did not receive my package they are first going to do a trace on the package with UPS just to make sure it's not somewhere bizarre or I just missed it. But if it hasn't been located in 2 bus days they will reship my order. I feel so relieved. At least I know that everyone who ordered from me will still get their orders. I think I will have them ship it to my mom's house instead of mine the 2nd time though, because she is home most of the day and will definitely get it.


D.Suplicki said…
Ye gods, what a craptastic thing for someone to do. And boo on the company for not insuring or requiring a signature for their orders!

I hope your next package reaches you ok. *hug*
AlphaBetsy said…
Thanks for the support!! I was truly freaking out yesterday. I was so relieved once I spoke to the actual company. I am still going to send in a suggestion that they require signature though. And I think I am going to have the second package shipped to either my mothers or Seth's.

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