The Weekend is Almost over...

But it was a good one.

On Saturday we went to the zoo with Chris, Niki and Moira, Seth's Brother, Sister in law and niece. It was hot, but a nice time. I got several complements on my parasol I bought from Etsy last year. I was sad because the new polar bears were not out when we got there, hopefully next time. We did get to see the new Arctic Foxes and the beautiful new exhibit for the brown bears. I also got to play with Moira a bit showing her the frogs and toads in the wetlands exhibit. I bought myself a little stuffed frog and I found a stuffed skunk for Seth's mom who collects skunks. After the zoo we went to Chris and Niki's and had a little cook out and hung out for a bit. Then we came home and played City of Heroes for a bit before we went to bed.

On Sunday we were woken up early by a text message from my aunt with a picture of my Cousins daughter Kynadey. I noticed then that I had an email from my little sister about a craigslist add from someone looking for a good home for two mannequins. I have always wanted a mannequin so I got online quickly and sent an email to the lister, they wanted you to explain why you wanted the mannequins and how you would use them. While waiting for a response my mom and sister ran by for a minute to bring me a couple of things. Right after they left and while we were getting ready to leave for the day I got an email saying I was in the running for the mannequins and I would here from them on Monday. I finished getting ready and we headed to Seth's Grandma and Grandpa's house for another cook out. We took Moira out for her first running in the sprinkler and they taught me how to play backalley. Then we cam home and watched Semi-pro, which is a horrible movie and Star Wars Episode 1, which I had never seen clear through and we drank some highly alcoholic smoothies.

We were awoken by thunder this morning and therefore decided today would be a good day to stay inside. I worked on swap crafts for the WWP Summer Solstice/ Litha. I know what I am going to make, I just need to figure out how exactly I want to achieve the ends. Around 3 I got an email letting me know that the mannequins are mine. I go pick them up tomorrow after work. I'm so excited. I have a lot of ideas for them. Later we watched The Wrestler, which made me cry but was really a good movie. I am kind of madly in love with Mickey Rourke right now.

All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend and now I am going to take Seth and go to bed.


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