Playing with blogger and much more...

I have had an absolute blast this evening figuring out how to personalize my blogger and how to create my own button. In general I am not the best person in the world with computers, though I am a quick learner and pretty damn eager, so I am proud of my new found abilities. And I really like the blogs new look.

Seth and I had a little date night yesterday, and we went to dinner at On The Border which was yummy as always. After that we went to see Iron Man 2 in IMAX. It was a great film, of course I loved Iron Man so... In general though it's a fantastic action flick. Robert Downey Jr is still smarmy. Mickey Rourke was a great villain. Sam Rockwell cracked me up as the competition. And also definitely worth the extra money to see in IMAX.

Seth also surprised me last night with tickets to see the musical Wicked when it comes to town in August. I'm so excited. I was going to major in Musical Theater once upon a time and I love to go see shows. The fact that this is based off one of my favorite books just makes it that much better. Definitely something to look forward to.

I'm starting to get things together for Saturday. After last year I learned a couple of very valuable lessons. May weather is unpredictable so bring clothing for all types of weather, from tees and shorts to sweats and coats. Bring lots of ones because all the games and fundraisers are a dollar. Bring blankets. Make sure you have several pairs of shoes to choose from so that if one hurts you can move to another. Be prepared for all illness have bandaids, pain reliever, stomach stuff, allergy pills, etc. Caffeine is your friend. And many many more. :)

Next Friday I am going with my friend  Niki to a spa party for pedicures and hors d'oeuvres. I think I will need it after the walk this weekend. I've never had a pedicure so I am really excited about that. Get to get spoiled for a night. woohoo. Then Saturday and Sunday we are taking a weekend off. We are making absolutely no plans and intend to hang around the house all weekend. Pure bliss.


D.Suplicki said…
Omg, omg, omg I LOVED Wicked. I mean, I really, really loved Wicked. I spent an obscene amount of money to see it with the original cast on Broadway a few years ago and I laughed, cried, and bought a ridiculous amount of merchandise on my way out. It's... different from the book. Not sure if you've read it, but I love them both.

When we moved here I was SO excited because there were posters advertising it in the city and I wanted to go SOOOO bad... turns out it had ended the weekend before we moved. *sigh*

I'll quit rambling now, and steal your button. ;)

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